About the Foundation

The Liz Soper Foundation of Care has two main focuses:

Firstly, the Foundation aims to extend Liz Soper’s life’s work through enabling extra-careicular* activities for adults living with complex disabilities.   Government funding often only covers every-day-care necessities (often just!) for these individuals.  It’s difficult, and for some impossible, to find the budget for the ‘extra-curricular’ (or as we like to call it extra-careicular).  Occasions such as weekends away or a holiday or even a simple unplanned walk on the beach or a trip to the pub to watch the All Blacks. The cost of transport alone (often requiring mobility a taxi) may be prohibitive.

Secondly, the Foundation will focus on enhancing the disability sector one-advocate-at-a-time through the provision of stipends and apprenticeships.  Supporting Advocates who truly ‘get it’ and are directed by the rights, needs, and wants of the individual, just as Liz has always been.  A career path as a Life and Wellbeing Support worker (previously called caregivers) or Social Worker within the disability sector is not easy and can be under-valued by our society.  Liz’s approach was at first self-taught while teaching children with disabilities swimming at Wilson Home in Takapuna, before professionally training as a Social Worker.  Liz helped many families navigate the complexity of government funding and support. She has trained and mentored dozens of Life and Well-being Support workers and Social Workers advocating always for the individual and their specific needs and wants.

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